Growing up, David K. Anderson was mentored by his Uncle Ralph, a gifted artist who taught him to express himself in creative ways: writing, drawing and sculpting.

David works for a non-profit organization in the Seacoast of NH that provides resources, supports and services for individuals birth through seniors with disabilities. He is married and has three adult children. Throughout his adult life, he has volunteered countless hours with children with disabilities involving creative activities. His lifelong passions for art, sculpting and storytelling have helped him combine his talents to create enjoyment for hundreds of children of all abilities. He is a member of the NH Writers’ Project. His family’s mutual love for fantasy, fiction, and fun along with a desire to ensure that children of all abilities can be heroes, has motivated him to write stories that engage us all.

Empty World Series

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Book 1: The Portal Through the Pond

They said her grandfather was dead. They said her grandmother was crazy. Christy knows better.

When 13-year-old Christy’s grandmother dies, she leaves Christy a mysterious packet of information revealing an amazing secret: the pond in her yard is in fact a portal to another world. And what’s more, her grandfather had disappeared in that world nine years earlier.

Christy is determined to honor her grandmother’s wish to keep the secret, even if it means alienating her best friend Trevor. However, things spiral out of her control when nosy classmate Rob accidentally crosses into other world, the grown-ups think he has drowned, she’s forced to tell Trevor, and Danny–the nine-year-old deaf boy next door–follows her through the portal to rescue Rob.

Will Trevor be able to convince the grown-ups to trust Christy to get them all home? Or will they let the police drain the pond, stranding the children in an alien world?

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Book 2: Beyond the Portal

A missing Grandfather. Two missing friends. A forbidden rescue plan.

Christy’s parents forbid her from returning through the portal, but her grandfather is still stranded in the Empty World. When Danny and Brad accidentally take a trip into the portal, Christy finds the excuse she needs to disobey her parents and go after them. Unfortunately for Christy, she’s stuck with Cory for a traveling companion.

Thus begins another journey through the Empty World, looking for the people they’ve lost, and for a way back home. Along the way, they’ll have to deal with the two intelligent species native to that alien world, and unravel the workings of the ancients’ portals.

Can Christy get them all safely home, or will her feud with Cory result in all of them being lost for good?

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Book 3: At the Portal’s End

Christy’s father is stranded in the Empty World, and she won’t let anyone stop her from going to rescue him.

With the ever-faithful Trevor in tow, Christy defies her mother’s wishes and ventures back to the Empty World. Her father and Detective Lockhart have been missing for months, and she’s determined to bring them home safely. But trouble-maker Cory has his own reasons for wanting to go back. When he can’t convince his brother to accompany him, he bullies Christy and Trevor into taking him along.

But the search takes them to a mysterious underground city, and they become lost. Even if they find Mr. Walker and Detective Lockhart, will they be able to find their way back out again? And what of the secretive figure who seems to be following them? The city holds all the answers they need…if they can find them.

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